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After more than 250 interviews with her friends and family for my book, Whitney And Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price Of Fame, I know that before her death, Bobbi Kristina was a troubled, clinically depressed addict, who was unable emotionally to leave her avaricious lover.Using a dangerous and controversial technique common among addicts known as The Plunge, he dragged her body to the bathroom, stripped her and pushed her into a bath filled with freezing water and ice cubes.Today Bobbi Kristina lies unresponsive in a pristine white bed in an Atlanta hospice, her father constantly at her side.She is irreparably brain damaged and all life support systems have been switched off.His frustration was revealed by Daily last week when it was disclosed he had told friends of his intense love for her and his hope that she would recover and clear his name which is at the center of a police investigation. She said she had married him although, after her drowning, that was denied by her father.She has successfully sought an order of protection against Gordon, accusing him of stalking her and sending her threatening messages, which reportedly included photos of guns. They had been brought up together since he was taken in by Whitney Houston'When they were finally kicked out,they wrote an insulting letter to the couple they thought had been most behind getting rid of them. They were a nuisance and their letter proved that.' Sole visit: Nick Gordon at the hospital where Bobbi Kristina was initially treated.At 22, she had seemed destined to follow in her mother’s tragic footsteps.Anorexic and addicted to heroin and an array of prescription drugs, Bobbi Kristina had, since Whitney’s death from a drug overdose three years before, become isolated and depressed.

That Bobbi Kristina was deeply depressed and disturbed by late January this year is not in doubt.She was in total thrall to her Svengali-style fiance, Nick Gordon.He monitored her every move, controlled her £20million fortune – her legacy from her mother’s hugely successful career – and dominated her to such an extent that Bobbi Kristina became estranged from her friends and family.Their fragile, often toxic and competitive relationship – in which both battled for supremacy on and off the stage – left her feeling abandoned and insecure.With neither her mother’s talent nor her father’s charm, Bobbi Kristina struggled to find her own identity.

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