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On the night that Zander was released from jail, Emily, Zander, Alexis, and Sonny were walking down the steps of the Port Charles Police Station when two gunmen dressed as police officers opened fire on them.Sonny jumped in front of Alexis, and he was hit instead of her.To make matters worse, Alexis then found out that she was the real Natasha.Helena had murdered Alexis' mother and threatened Alexis with the same fate should she not do Helena's bidding.She also mended her relationship with Ned, and their romance resumed.When Alexis learned that Nikolas was not the prince, she felt betrayed that Stefan had kept the truth from her for so long.Together, they set a trap for Helena, but Katherine stepped into the trap instead and was presumed deceased.

Unfortunately, he was proved wrong when their private wedding in Belize was discovered.

Chloe's new friends stepped in to help her when she was in danger of losing her company if she did not marry within the month.

Alexis suggested that Ned and Chloe marry in Las Vegas, and everyone agreed.

Ned then decided that the best way to get rid of the press was to give them exactly what they wanted, a publicized wedding.

After reluctantly agreeing, Alexis and wedding planner Elton arranged a big public wedding, complete with press.

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With the Cassadine fortune up for grabs, Alexis decided to go after it with the help of Jasper "Jax" Jacks.

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