Updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player

And if you don’t care about playing back discs, a good media streamer, like the Roku 2, will still outperform any Blu-ray player and is recommended if you’re really after streaming performance.

For major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, our pick will suffice.

Since most companies have stopped making players, it was easy to review the main models from the companies that still do: LG, Sony, and Samsung.

Some other companies like Panasonic and Pioneer are making players, but their models were eliminated for reasons discussed below. As mentioned earlier, Blu-ray players receive firmware updates to let them play the most recent movies.

Most players continue to get upgrades, though, and we have players that are over five years old that still play all new releases.

Blu-ray discs offer far better picture (and audio) quality than DVDs or streaming services.

For a second room, a Blu-ray player can do double-duty, providing disc playback and adding some basic streaming services to an existing TV. Companies like Toshiba no longer manufacture players, and these days, most of any given company’s models are nearly identical.

In this guide, we’ve linked more prominently to the Sony BDP-S3700, which we’re confident is a newer and more affordable version of our long-standing HD Blu-ray pick.

Sony also offers an updated version of this Blu-ray player, the Sony BDP-S3700.

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