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Heinen is being targeted primarily for her involvement in a December 2001 grant of 7.5 million stock options to Jobs that was backdated to October. The former top Apple legal aid is also charged with self-dealing on a grant to herself, as well as the fabrication of meeting minutes to show the Apple Board of Directors approved the aforementioned grant to Jobs on Oct.

The SEC is seeking to prove that Heinen's actions deceived investors because the true cost of the options were hidden by shifting the grant date from Dec. 19, 2001, when in fact no such meeting had taken place.

It influenced the design of the Pro DOS operating system, which was used on the Apple IIe and later Apple II series computers, and it also influenced the design of the Macintosh Hierarchical File System (HFS).

The main interaction with SOS was through the Apple III System Utilities program.

Jerry Manock designed the Apple II and Apple III casings – and later the Macintosh 128K casing.

The corners on both the computer and the keyboard share the 45-degree chamfers that Manock had used for the Apple II, and the same placement of the name badge and identical beige plastic help reinforce the impression that the Apple III is a less frivolous but close relative to its predecessor.

The specifications were defined by a committee of Apple engineers to be implemented by Sander.

The System Utilities program had three main sections: the Device handling commands section, the File handling commands section, and the System Configuration Program (SCP).

The additional benefit of SOS over older Apple DOS versions was the ability to use device drivers to support devices such as hard drives and RAM drives in addition to 5.25″ floppy drives.

As part of the deal, he agreed to a fine of 0,000 and to repay about .5 million in disgorgement of profit, without admitting or denying any wrongdoing.

In a statement that followed his settlement with the SEC, Anderson largely shifted the blame for his involvement in a backdated 2001 Executive Team grant back to Jobs.

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