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The advantage of these places is the ambience, bed, cleanliness is good.

and the biggest plus is that the massage is genuine.

Contact no: 022-24220906 Please don't call up and ask all naughty questions, especially if it's a woman. Posted On Mar 21, 2014 - AMHow do we initiate the talk that we need a BJ. Are there any code signs or words which will hint him to proceed 'further'? I am a versatile guy, so will he let me *** him too? like Aur* Tha* - in vashi chembur and a couple more in worli.

Posted On Jun 6, 2014 - PMThis place is close to where I stay, but I did not know about the massage. Almost all (7/8 times) after the massage I have shamelessly asked for 'special services' pointing to my ***.

Nothing personal against the guy but that's the matter of fact.

The only masseur is in his mid 40s and is repulsively ugly...

Posted On Aug 24, 2014 - AMThank you CC for sharing such nice and affordable place... I was little hesitant as never mixed massage with fun before but it went smooth as butter.

I have been there thrice and have got blown at all times and my body licked..experience has been awesome so far. Masseur is strictly ok however service is way too good. Disposable underwear was given before massage and Masseur left the room for me to change.

just separated by a door which isn't locked during the session.

So even if the masseur was good looking, I'd remain nervous all throughout.

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