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He captioned the pic, "T-Swift was telling Chance how big of a fan she is prior to me snapping this photo."Maybe we'll get a Tay/Chance the Rapper collab soon? Tay took to Twitter to not only thank Ian, but also to officially hand her Squad Goals crown over to him and his BFF Patrick Stewart, whom you may recognize as , Jazz Jennings. News she was hoping to meet Caitlyn at the 2015 ESPY Awards, expressing how much she's done for the transgender community. She has made such a difference in our world and she really opened up people's minds... It's just incredible."Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello can finally say one of her biggest dreams have come true: seeing Taylor Swift live in concert.

Congrats on 2 back to back sold out nights at Soldier's Field of 55,000 people, and thanks for treating my friends so well"Turns out, Tay is also a fan of Chance's work, and was more than willing to take a picture with the Chicago native according to the guy who snapped this adorable pic. Taylor, and all of the internet tbh, watched the video and could not get enough.Meghan couldn't get enough of the cute couple and posted the video to her Instagram with the caption,"@iambeckyg and @austinmahone jammin ☺️ miss you becky💕 #dearfuturehusband 💎"Taylor Swift continues to prove that you are never too famous to be a fangirl!Last night at the i Heart Radio music awards, Taylor took the stage for a surprise performance with one of her idols — Madonna.Mariah tweeted: "#Now Playing #Like Mariah by @Fifth Harmony Love it!! Congratulations on your album." The girls totally freaked out (obvs), with Normani responding, "It's such an honor to be recognized by my idol. does this mean there could be a 5H/Mariah collab in our future? next week, Demi tweeted its star Kerry Washington (aka Olivia Pope), "Hey @Kerry Washington, how do I apply to be Olivia Pope's assistant?!?Thank you so much for inspiring me through music." And Ally added, "Wow thank you so much Mariah!! " It looks like Selena Gomez isn't the only #Gladiator For Life!

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  1. When you want to have a second date with literally woman you’ve been on a date with, I’m left thinking that you’ve set the bar for a second date so low that you could trip over it. What you’re describing as “being ignored” is “women going about their daily lives”, which, remarkably, doesn’t revolve around you or your boner.

  2. Hft, a national charity that supports adults with learning disabilities, is today concerned by the absence of policies aimed at addressing the ongoing funding crisis in the social care sector in the Autumn Budget.