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Mat: The issue I have with these dating apps and these dating sites is an issue I found in real life in Providence as well: no one wants to pursue the other person. No one is the person who buys the drink, no one wants to be the person who starts the conversation. Joe: Technology is a wonderful thing, but with technology you don’t have to take a risk. Seth: The downfall of that is that in Providence, you know it’s such a small scene, you’re going to run into those people again.

Sarah: In Providence, there’s one degree of separation.

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We live in a community that makes this place great. Kristen: Yes, but you have to have some level of courage for that. I’m a little bit older, so maybe it’s the divorced generation, but they pounce on dating and it’s like I can’t compete with you. It’s refreshing to have someone come up and talk to you. It’s about power, and the ability to reject and accept. It’s all about going out with someone to see how it goes.

You have to be secure in yourself to be like yeah, I can accept rejection. I can remember being in college and not having a computer. You would see them across the room and buy someone a drink. Sarah: You start communicating via text, via email. That’s why I say to my friends who are on the internet, you need to meet that person very soon. Julie: But wouldn’t you, the gentlemen here, be freaked out by that? Julie: We’re in a time where nobody knows who should make the first move anymore. I don’t think dating among gay and straight is very different. Emily: And the flip side is it’s really nice to feel the opposite of that, like, yes, I’d love for you to buy me a drink. I’ve had relationships fail because I’m more successful than the other person. Kristen: True, but it’s a dynamic you have to navigate.

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