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Maroulis claims he was injured on his right thigh when she hurled something at him.contestant Constantine Maroulis has come to an end, too.That's all up in the air at the moment, although Uchitel has already hired spotlight-loving lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her, so you can expect this story to play on for weeks to come.[TMZ] • The fame-seeking classy couple who crashed the state dinner last week, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, are looking for a six-figure fee to tell their story, according to TV producers. Apparently someone named Jay Galvin, who is paid by clubs to drag in D-listers and is "famous for his vodka and cranberries," has assembled a wannabe ' Entourage'-style posse that is so pathetic that its Vince is purported popstar Ryan Cabrera!He was arrested and immediately released.” The statement from Reed’s lawyer reveals additional details about the cause of last week’s incident. Reed locked herself in her bedroom and called the police. Maroulis and arrest him, which they did.” Meanwhile Maroulis’ rep – who had no comment on the infidelity claim but tells PEOPLE “the series of events and actions described [above] are not true” – says the former star was the victim, not the aggressor in the situation. Maroulis “sustained a bruise and cut on his right thigh.“The initial argument started when Reed confronted Mr. Maroulis viciously kicked her twice in [the groin]. He did not throw her to the ground or kick her in the groin during this incident. Maroulis intends to defend himself vigorously, as well as protect his child, both in the court of law and, as necessary, in the court of public opinion and is confident that he will be completely vindicated when the truth is known,” Maroulis’ rep said.But when we saw these pictures, we had six simultaneousreactions: 1. Clues include the amount of makeup Tinsley is wearing to a cheesy Broadway jukebox musical, the fact that no else one is around at this intimate moment, yet someone took a cell-phone pic from maybe six feet away, and the fact that, well, Constantine Maroulis.

Maroulis, 39, was first arrested on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting Angel Reed, his longtime girlfriend and mother of 4½-year-old daughter Malena, in their Wyckoff, New Jersey home.Law enforcement sources tell us, the mother of Constantine's 4-year-old daughter called 911 from their home in Wyckoff, New Jersey claiming he threw her to the ground and kicked her in the groin. The singer is adamant that he did NOT kick her, and says the argument started after he told her he was leaving her.The rep says there is evidence proving today's incident was self-defense and the rep adds there are well documented prior instances where she was violent.För att göra innehållet personligare, anpassa och mäta annonser och erbjuda en säkrare användarupplevelse använder vi cookies.Genom att klicka eller navigera på webbplatsen godkänner du att vi använder cookies för att samla information på och utanför Facebook.

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