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Research shows that the achievement gap, which often is first measured (by standardized tests) in elementary school, actually begins well before students reach kindergarten as a “school readiness” gap.A variety of different tests at kindergarten entry have provided evidence of such a gap, including the U. Department of Education’s Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey of Kindergarten children (ECLS-K).Many children who are poor, regardless of race, come from homes that lack stability, continuity of care, adequate nutrition, and medical care creating a level of environmental stress that can affect the young child’s development.As a result, these children enter school with decreased word knowledge that can affect their language skills, influence their experience with books, and create different perceptions and expectations in the classroom context. Students from single-parent homes often find it difficult to find time to receive help from their parent.Hispanic and African American children have been shown to be more likely to be raised in poverty, with 33% of Hispanic families living below the economic poverty level, compared to African American (39%), Asian (14%) and White (13%) counterparts.Children who are raised in poverty are less likely to be enrolled in nursery or preschool.Jencks and Phillips argue that African American parents may not encourage early education in toddlers because they do not see the personal benefits of having exceptional academic skills.As a result of cultural differences, African American students tend to begin school with smaller vocabularies than their white classmates.

In many other nations, such as Germany and Japan, those with lower test scores may be tracked as skilled tradepersons or unskilled laborers.Poverty, coupled with the environment they are raised in, can lead to shortcomings in educational achievement.Despite strong standards and beliefs in education, Hispanic children consistently perform poorly, reflected by a low average of math and reading scores, as compared to other groups except African American.Indeed, high school graduation rates and college enrollment rates are comparable to those of whites 25 or 30 years ago.It should also be noted that the category of African immigrant population (excluding Haitians and other foreign-born blacks born outside of Africa) has the highest educational attainment of any group in the United States, but they represent a small group within the larger African American population.

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